At Trelawny, we offer all-inclusive loft conversion services for households of all sizes. Investing in a loft conversion is provides extra living space for growing families. With our strong background and expertise in the trade, we can help you create a spacious and comfortable loft that fits your requirements and budget. 

We are experts in different kinds of conversions – Velux, Dormer, Hip-To-Gable, and Mansard. We listen, design, and build high-quality lofts that guarantee safety and comfort. We work closely with clients to ensure excellent results and satisfaction.  

Types of Loft Conversion 

There are different kinds of loft conversions available, depending on the type and size of the household property. Here are some of the most common types of loft conversions across the UK that you can choose from. 


This type of conversion is one of the simplest loft conversions to perform in household properties. There is no need to alter your roofs as Velux windows will only be added, making it cost-effective. 


It is primarily carried out in properties with sloped roofs. To extend or maximize the space, the roof’s hipped part is replaced with a vertical wall, also called a gable. 


This type of conversion is among the most popular in the UK as it provides an adequate amount of head and floor space. A boxed shape structure is added onto the roof, so most of the works are performed using scaffolding outside your home. 


With this conversion, your sloped roof will be altered to create a flat roof with the back wall sloping inwards at 72 degrees angle. 

We will perform comprehensive survey on your property to give you tailor-made loft conversion plan. Every detail of the project will be discussed before starting with our work to ensure that you approve of them. Our experts can also share different loft conversion ideas to help you make the best decision. 

Talk to our expert construction team today to discuss your loft conversion plans and know your options. We provide transparent pricing with no obligation quote. 

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