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Loft Conversions

Is your family getting bigger and you’re in need of extra space at home but don’t have enough land area for a room extension? Why not make the most out of your attic and consider a loft conversion project?

With loft conversion, you can add extra space at home without a need for an extra piece of land, and eliminates the hassle of moving to a new house and neighbourhood.

At Trelawny Roofing, we are experts in handling loft conversion projects for different sizes of household properties. Our expertise and experience in this trade allow us to produce high-quality results and gain the satisfaction of our clients.

We can turn your vacant attic or any space at home into a bedroom or other kind of useful space that would benefit you and your family. Every step of the loft conversion project will be supervised and carried out by fully qualified professionals who will make sure that you will be satisfied with the result.

We are dedicated to creating extra space that meets your requirements and standards. Our design team will create a detailed plan according to your specifications, and all details will be discussed with your before starting the project. There’ll be no hidden charges, and the materials we use are guaranteed high-quality. We’re always ready to take challenges, even if it means working with complicated custom projects.

We would love to tell you the details on how we can make your loft conversion project a success. Feel free to contact 07895 307 139 to get in touch with our team.

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